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  • William A. Dembski - Image William A. Dembski Ph.D. Ph.D. Senior Fellow, Discovery InstituteEvo Info Lab, Senior Researcher
  • Winston Ewert - Image Winston Ewert, Ph.D. Evo Info Lab Senior Researcher
  • Robert J. Marks II - Image Robert J. Marks II Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Baylor UniversitySenior Researcher
  • Granville Sewell - Image Granville Sewell Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics University of Texas, El-Paso
  • William F. Basener - Image William F. Basener Ph.D. Emeritus Associate Professor Rochester Institute of Technology Chief Imaging Scientist, Spectral Solutions
  • Donald C. Wunsch II - Image Donald C. Wunsch II Ph.D. Mary K. Finley Missouri Distinguished Professor of Computer Engineering Missouri University of Science and Technology

Senior Members

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